A Handy Tool Bucket

A tool bucket will provide you with direct access to all of the manual and power hand tools you need while performing field repairs. Use the guidelines below to transform a 5-gallon plastic bucket into a portable tool container.  Bucket Products High-density polyethylene plastic and low-density polyethylene plastic are used to manufacture buckets. These plastic materials are rigid and lightweight. They do not leach chemicals and are moisture-resistant. When shopping for a bucket, you will notice that high-density polyethylene products are slightly thicker than low-density ones. Read More 

Authentic Military Props: Rental Tips For A Party

If you plan to throw someone a military-themed party, you might want to rent out authentic military props. You can then give them a truly unforgettable experience. Just make sure you use these rental tips to have success. Make Sure Insurance is Provided Since you won't own these authentic military props, you want to get insurance for them. You will then feel a lot better about having them on a short-term basis. Read More 

Why You Still Need British Thread Gauges In A Metric World

British thread gauges measure threads on parts that follow the specific British thread gauge system. In the U.S., you're unlikely to see these threads unless you have imported equipment. However, that equipment is still pretty common despite being technically obsolete. You may be more likely to see U.S. customary or metric measurements in this country, but don't assume you'll never have a use for British gauges.  Equipment That Uses Them Still Exists Read More