A Handy Tool Bucket

A tool bucket will provide you with direct access to all of the manual and power hand tools you need while performing field repairs. Use the guidelines below to transform a 5-gallon plastic bucket into a portable tool container. 

Bucket Products

High-density polyethylene plastic and low-density polyethylene plastic are used to manufacture buckets. These plastic materials are rigid and lightweight. They do not leach chemicals and are moisture-resistant.

When shopping for a bucket, you will notice that high-density polyethylene products are slightly thicker than low-density ones. Either type will be able to support the storage of hand tools.

A Tool Bucket Sleeve

A tool bucket sleeve is a product that is designed to fit inside a plastic bucket. Manufacturers of a tool sleeve may feature waxed canvas, leather, or cotton products that are designed to hold a variety of tools. A sleeve will contain a fabric pouch that will rest inside a bucket. The fabric pockets that extend from the sleeve will hang around the bucket.

A bucket sleeve design is slip-proof. An elasticized edge or metal snaps that run around the top of a sleeve will hold a sleeve in place. Once tools have been arranged in the pouch and fabric pockets, the weight of the tools will also aid with stabilizing the sleeve.

Filling The Bucket

Assess the contents of your tool chest. Pick out the hand tools and power tools that you tend to rely upon when performing field repairs. Use a table to arrange the tools side by side. Set the tool bucket on the table, next to the tools.

Fill the outer pockets of the tool sleeve first. The pockets can be used to store hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other narrow hand tools. A couple of the pockets may feature covers that snap shut. These pockets can be used to store nails and other fastener types.

Place the heaviest and largest tools inside the bucket. Power drills, nail guns, and other bulky equipment will fit inside the interior space.

Storage And Usage

Once your tool bucket is filled, store it inside your vehicle or your place of business. Get into the practice of carrying the bucket directly onto each job site that requires the use of your tools. Clean the tools after each use, prior to placing them back inside the tool bucket sleeve.

Contact a local equipment supplier to learn more about 5-gallon plastic buckets.