Hose Fittings: The Value Of Buying From Domestic, Reputable Suppliers

You might think that any old machined hose fitting will do the job, but when it comes to industrial settings, it is extremely important that you get your fittings from a professional supply store, such as Hose Pros- 24 Hour Mobile Hydraulic Hose, not some third-party manufacturer overseas where quality control is limited, if imposed at all. The following is a brief explanation of the importance of buying industrial hose fittings from established, reputable manufacturers in the United States. Read More 

3 Reasons You May Be Smelling Sewer Gas In Your Commercial Bathrooms

While bathrooms do not always have a pleasant smell, they should not smell like sewer. If the bathrooms in your business smell like sewer, you could be putting your employees at risk for health problems. While you might immediately think the issue is caused by a full septic tank, there might actually be other reasons this is happening. Septic tank needs to be pumped One of the first things to consider checking is the septic tank. Read More 

How To Pick The Right Motor Oil For Your Vehicle

Selecting the right kind of oil is vital to ensuring the continued health of your car. Whether you're changing your own oil or having it changed at a lube shop, you'll likely be presented with a few different options for oil. Your manufacturer has probably already made some recommendations as to the viscosity rating of the oil, such as 5W-20 or 10W-30. However, with the exception of BMW and Mercedes-Benz, owner's manuals don't typically specify which type of oil is required. Read More 

Three Reasons Why An Apartment Building Should Rent An Extra Dumpster

Most apartment building managers only rent the number of dumpsters needed to handle everyday waste from the building's residents. In many cases, these dumpsters don't provide sufficient room for garbage, which leads to people leaving furniture, bags of trash, and other items on the ground. This often leads to fines by the city that the apartment building is then responsible to pay. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding an extra dumpster for your apartment building. Read More