Components Of Inner Wall Casing Scrapers That Require Regular Inspections

Casing scrapers are used on oil sites where there are dirty casings. They can remove things like mud, rust, scale, and even cement. You'll be able to get optimal cleaning results using said tool if you focus on inspecting the following components regularly.


In order for a casing scraper to do its job effectively and scrape out things inside an oil casing, the blades need to be in good condition. They're made out of a lot of different materials and feature different designs, but regardless, you should inspect them before and after using an inner wall casing scraper.

After a period of time, they may lose their sharpness and thus have to be reconditioned to work properly. If you spot significant damage like chipped points or bends, then you'll need to find replacement blades before using the oil scraper again. 


The body is what holds all of the major scraper components together. It is thus important to keep this component in good condition so that you're able to get the right type of scraping performance inside oil well casings. 

When inspecting the body of your inner wall casing scraper, you'll want to focus on things like rust buildup, detached parts, and bending. Any of these problems should be addressed quickly, potentially by a repair contractor that specializes in oil well casing scrapers. Then you can restore scraping performance and use this tool smoothly for the foreseeable future. 

Blade Retainer

The reason why blades remain in place on the body of an inner wall casing scraper is because of the blade retainer. You thus need to carefully inspect this component as often as you can to make sure it's structurally sound and subsequently holding blades in place correctly.

On the blade retainer, there will be retainer rings and nuts. You want to inspect these particular components and respond if there is damage or missing parts. These measures will help your scraper blades hold up for a lot longer, regardless of how often this tool is used around an oil site. Blade retainers can be replaced completely too if there is a lot of damage present.

If you want to use an inner wall casing scraper for as long as possible and still get great scraping results, then you'll want to inspect certain parts on a regular basis. Then problems shouldn't be able to slip by and get substantially worse. 

For more information on inner wall casing scrapers, contact a company near you.