All You Need To Know About Industrial Burner Service

Industrial burners are essential components that many industries can't operate without. The reason is that these devices are designed to facilitate the production of heat and flame by allowing an oxidizing agent like ambient air or elemental oxygen to mix with a suitable fuel, such as propane, then ignited by a source of heat. The flame and heat generated by industrial burners control different combustion chambers' temperatures as processes demand. Now, if your organization's heating system relies on burners, there's one thing you can do to ensure they operate seamlessly for a long time: servicing. Keep reading to learn more about industrial burner service and why you need it.  

Essentials of Industrial Burner Service

Industrial burners come in numbers, including cold air (ambient air), hot air (recuperative), oxy-fuel, and regenerative burners. These need regular servicing and maintenance to retain cost-effectiveness and remain safe over time. Fortunately, an industrial burner service and repair expert can come to your industry and examine your devices to determine if they need service or replacement. These professionals also analyze and adjust combustion to match air-to-fuel ratios, inspect and clean atomizers and igniters, monitor the flame watcher, and conduct National Fire Protection (NFPA) safety checks.

Benefits of Well-Serviced Industrial Burners

Servicing your industrial burners comes with the following benefits:

1. Reduced fuel consumption

Typical industrial burners consume more fuel as they age due to normal wear and tear. But if you notice a relatively new component with a similar problem, it's likely due to reduced efficiency. That, in turn, is often caused by a bottom wind that is either too big, too small, or uneven. If not, the vent may be clogged. And in case your burner is free from all these, several fuel aspects, including density, packaging, and calorific value, may influence its consumption. A skilled burner servicing expert examines all factors affecting your device's fuel consumption while troubleshooting. That means they can pinpoint the specific cause of the problem and recommend the best solutions.

2. Improved reliability

Your industrial burner's reliability is affected by many factors, the topmost being concentration of dirt and other contaminants. Dirt accumulation on your heating system's burner may be the reason it keeps tripping out or won't light. But, you can avoid and solve such issues by scheduling frequent maintenance and servicing for the burners in your industry. By doing that, a skilled burner expert will help you clean components like air filters and igniters to ensure your device is reliable and fully functional.

3. Optimized safety

Nothing is more important than ensuring the burner in your company is safe. Otherwise, an unsafe component can damage property and harm workers through explosions and fires. But burner service companies help you protect your personnel and processes from the risks of using poorly maintained industrial burners. Plus, these experts recommend measures and devices that allow you to reduce emissions for increased compliance.