Top Things To Know About Using Hand Trucks In Your Warehouse

If you operate a warehouse, there is a good chance that you have hand trucks on hand in your warehouse, although you might not know very much about them. Your warehouse might not even have any hand trucks; if this is the case, then you should definitely consider learning a little more about them. Once you do, you will probably want to buy them and put them to use in your facility right away.

They're Upright

First of all, you should know the difference between hand trucks and dollies, since many people think the two words are interchangeable. Unlike dollies, hand trucks are upright and have two wheels. Dollies, on the other hand, have horizontal platforms and have four wheels. Both types of equipment can be quite useful, but it's important to understand the differences between the two of them.

They're Affordable

Using hand trucks in your facility can make things work more quickly and efficiently, so they're worth the investment. Luckily, they don't usually cost much. Therefore, you might find it worth it to buy several of them to have in various areas of your warehouse. Then, there will always be a hand truck close at hand for your employees to grab when they need to move some heavy boxes around, and you'll have a few extras in case one of your hand trucks is out of commission for some reason or another.

They're Designed for Moving Boxes

Overall, hand trucks are designed for moving boxes, although they can sometimes be used to move other items. Since many warehouses often have to move around items that are packed in boxes, hand trucks can be particularly useful.

They Do Have Weight Limits

Although it's true that hand trucks are designed for carrying and transporting heavy items, you should know that some of them are able to handle more weight than others. Therefore, when buying and using hand trucks, you should always make sure that you pay attention to weight limits. Make sure that your employees know how to check and abide by these weight limits too.

Hand trucks can be very handy in just about any warehouse environment, so if you don't already have a few of them sitting around for your employees to use when needed, then it might be time to purchase a few of them. Luckily, you should be able to find hand trucks when shopping with just about any industrial supplier. Visit a site like for more details about hand trucks.