Signs That Your Boiler Is Going Bad

Many companies and industries rely on boilers and their power to get their daily work done. Unfortunately, when these boilers fail unexpectedly, a business can be out of commission for days or even a week or more. For this reason, it is highly advisable to have a qualified boiler repair company on-hand for when you need it. Furthermore, it is also wise to educate yourself and your floor employees on the warning signs of an industrial boiler that is going bad.

If you know these signs, you can often spot them early on, thus preventing a business crisis later on down the road.

Your Boiler Has Outlived or is Nearing the End of Its Warranty

To begin with, you should always know the warranty or expected lifetime of your commercial boiler. There is an average number given by boiler companies which you can go by, but it's even better if you can get a number that is specific to your industry and daily usage.

No matter which type of figure you have, however, if your boiler is getting close to its expiration date or has even surpassed it, it's not a bad idea to start having it checked for issues more regularly than usual. These boilers are like ticking time bombs, and you want to spot the problems that are likely to come up as soon as you possibly can.

Boiler Failures and Repairs Become More Common

Even the very best and most well-made boiler probably isn't going to last forever without some sort of repair or professional upkeep. However, when a boiler is generally healthy and functioning correctly most of the time, these failures and needs for professional intervention should be few and far between.

If you find that your boiler is regularly running into issues and that you seem to be calling your repair person in on a regular basis, take this as a fairly good indicator that your boiler is nearing the end of its livelihood.

Your Boiler Keeps Leaking

Commercial boilers can experience all kinds of issues, but a major one is leaking. If your boiler keeps leaking, despite several repairs, take this as a sign that it's almost done for. In many cases, a regularly leaking boiler should be replaced instead of repaired to avoid a damaging flood or another serious issue that could shut down production unexpectedly.

As you can see, commercial boilers will often let you know when they need help. Pay attention to them, know the warning signs, and, when in doubt, never hesitate to seek advice from auxiliary equipment rental professionals.