Three Things You Can Use Flange Spreaders For

If you work in construction or industrial work, eventually you will need to make space between different blocks, pipes and other materials in order to move something, apply new seals or make enough room for something to pass through. This can typically be done with a flange spreader, a tool that typically has jaws that work to pry in between materials and create a space. A common example of flange spreaders at work are the so-called "jaws of life" used by emergency professionals that pry open cars so that passengers can escape. Here are a number of occasions where you might use one of these tools on a worksite.

Putting in New Gaskets

If you are working on a pipeline, various pipes are adjacent to each other and cannot be easily moved out of the way, even when the gaskets, or seals, between them need to be changed in order to prevent or repair leaking. Flange spreaders can pry apart two pipes enough so that a safety block can be put in between them and keep that space open long enough so that new gaskets can be put in.

Lifting Large Equipment So It Can Be Transported

Another use of flange spreaders is to use them to lift your large equipment, such as generators or pressure tanks. Because they are so heavy, it can be difficult to transport them without the assistance of a forklift; however, in order to move them that way, the equipment has to be off the ground so that the forks can fit beneath the piece and safely move it. Mechanical flange spreaders can be used to lift the equipment and create enough space for the forks. A forklift operator can then lift the piece where it needs to go.

Moving Large Pieces of Concrete

If you have a concrete barrier on a worksite and want to dismantle it or move it to another location, it can be a challenge to move sections of concrete block out of the way. Flange spreaders can create enough space on either side of the section you want to move so that you can slip the forks of a forklift beneath it and move it.

Using flange spreaders can make work easier on an industrial or construction job. Keep some on hand and inspect them regularly for signs of corrosion or damage to ensure that they work properly when you need them. For more information, contact companies like SMP Specialty Maintenance Products.