Protecting Your Well And The Water It Provides

Rural homeowners often rely on groundwater sources found on their land, giving them nearly free access to drinking water. However, there are some things to bear in mind which can impact the safety of the water you're getting and the longevity of your well. If you're not careful with your water use, and responsible in your maintenance, you may find yourself drilling new wells far too often.

Health and Safety Maintenance and Precautions

When placing a new well, make sure you know just what's around you and where you'll be drilling. Septic systems, manure, chemical and fuel storage tanks, as well as nearby industry can all have an impact on the quality of your water, so make sure you have an accurate survey on hand for the surrounding area. Anything leeching into the ground can potentially reach your water source, and later affect your family.

Annual inspections are essential to ensuring your well water remains safe and your pump system continues functioning properly. Inspections should include any equipment, well covers and pump lines used to draw water from the ground. Further, inspectors should be drawing off samples for testing to ensure that the quality of your water has not changed meaningfully.

Smart Water Use and Well Longevity

While access to the water, and your use of it are both largely free of charge, neither is free of responsibility. Bear in mind that ground water is a finite resource, and does not replenish itself quickly. Given this fact, it's in your best interest to take every possible measure to limit waste and conserve water in your home.

Invest in low flow plumbing fixtures, especially for the toilet and shower so that water pressure can be maintained without increasing the water used. Avoid unnecessary water uses, such as watering your lawn or filling large containers and wading pools. This will ensure that your well's source has plenty of time for water to percolate through the layers of soil and strata and replenish a portion of what you use. Even with these measures, ground water replenishes very slowly, so you'll almost certainly exhaust your well eventually.

Water is essential to life, and without it your home can become unlivable quite fast, so it's essential that you do all you can to take care of your well. Keep all equipment properly maintained, inspect all aspects of your well regularly, and use water responsibly to ensure you get all you can out of each well you dig. Companies like Henderson Well & Pump Co. are professional well drillers and may be able to assist you.