Advice For Purchasing Sucker Rod Guides

In order to keep sucker rods in oil wells maintained, sucker rod guides are required. They reduce wear and tear and keep downtime to a minimum. If you plan on purchasing these guides, use these tips to come away with a stress-free investment.

Make the Proper Assessments First

Sucker rods are designed in many different ways, but that won't be difficult to deal with when you make the proper assessments before searching for sucker rod guides. A couple of factors you really want to look into are the well's operating conditions and wellbore deviations.

Once you're able to assess these things, you'll have a better opportunity to get compatible guides that end up reducing wear and tear for your sucker rods over the years. Then you won't have to replace them too often. If you need help making these assessments, contact a manufacturer of sucker rod guides to help you out.

Go With Guides That Have Been Independently Tested

It's important that sucker rod guides go through testing to make sure they're of the highest quality and truly capable of helping sucker rods hold up for a lot longer than they would without these guides. Independent testing — in particular — can help you verify quality performance and designs in sucker rod guides.

Talk to a supplier to make sure all of their guides are independently tested in the appropriate labs with the right conditions in place. Then if these results show nothing but quality, you'll have better faith ordering their sucker rod guide products. 

Utilize On-Field Support

Ordering the right set of sucker rod guides for your oil well is key, but so is making sure the setup goes on without major problems. You'll be able to achieve this regardless of how much experience you have with these guides if you work with a supplier that provides on-field support.

A qualified technician that specializes in sucker rod guides will oversee installation, making sure they're set up according to best practices. Then you won't have to feel apprehensive about how these guides are going to reduce wear and tear for your oil well's sucker rods. 

You can dramatically increase the lifespan of sucker rods in oil wells by investing in sucker rod guides. Just make sure you order a quality set and work with a supplier that can ensure you're doing the right things for their setup. Then you'll really be able to save on sucker rod replacement costs.