Three Important Specifications To Know Before You Order Custom Rubber Parts

If you are looking to order custom rubber parts for your industrial or similar projects, then you're in luck. There are thousands of companies available that are more than willing to help you through the process of the custom part ordering process, including all of the specifications you need for your part. You should, however, be somewhat prepared to know what you need out of these parts before you order. This will help everything go along very smoothly and quickly.

The Temperatures Involved

One of the most important parts of ordering a custom rubber product is knowing what temperatures it needs to withstand. Some rubbers are better at handling extremely hot or cold temperatures alone, while others can handle extreme temperature fluctuations and others still need constant temperatures in order to work best. The temperatures involved in whatever your custom rubber part needs to do will affect which type of rubber you can order for it. If you give the wrong temperature range, you may end up with a custom part that's too weak or too stiff to do its job right.

The Pressure And Friction

Another very important aspect of your custom part is how much pressure and friction it is meant to withstand. Different rubber types and molds will make parts that have varying abilities to withstand a high-pressure environment or one where there is a lot of friction. For example, you will want to specify that you are designing a rubber part for the high-pressure, high-temperature environment of an engine and therefore need a hydraulic seal that can handle the heat, fluid pressure, and the movement of the pistons. If you don't have the right specifications, your rubber part could easily fail.

Aesthetic Needs

A less important but still necessary part of ordering custom rubber parts is knowing what you need from the part in terms of looks. If your rubber part is hidden then there may not be many concerns in this area, such as with hydraulic seals. However, if your part is going to be seen by people outside of your industrial work environment, then you may want to consider the aesthetic properties of whatever rubber you choose. Some rubbers, such as silicone, are matte and can fit with other non-shiny materials, but sometimes a different rubber will work better. Additionally, you may want to find a custom rubber part manufacturer that can dye the rubber to any color you need.

If you are designing a custom rubber part for your industrial projects, then you need to know what you want from the manufacturer. You need to specify what temperature, pressure, friction, and aesthetic needs you have for the part when you order.

For more information, contact a custom rubber parts manufacturer.