Four Of The Most Important Considerations When It Comes To Planetary Mixers

If you need to handle a viscous or dense mixing application at your facility, you may need the right planetary mixer to handle the task. You need to take into account a few important considerations to find the right planetary mixer for you application.

Doing research on planetary mixers and your application are important steps in optimizing your operation. The following are four important considerations you need to analyze and take into account when determining details of your planetary mixer selection and process.

Your needed viscosity range

If you're carrying out batch mixing at your facility, you have to calculate the range of viscosity that batches will go through while being processed. 

Facilities that need to handle a particularly large range of viscosity during processing should opt for a double planetary mixer setup. In addition, it's a good idea to incorporate helical stirrers into your planetary mixer capabilities if you're dealing with wide ranges of viscosity at your facility. 

The potential for any problems with "climbing"

"Climbing" occurs when the materials you're processing rise up vertically from any stirrers you have in operation. Any climbing that occurs is going to make your setup less efficient. 

If you are struggling with climbing problems, one possible solution is to use "HV" blades to result in more effective cutting and thereby lower risk of climbing. An HV blade uses a more precise contour and sweeps right up against the material. This will keep the material down and limit its expansion to within the mixing zone. 

The need for high speed agitation

If your materials require high speed agitation for adequate processing, it's going to be best if you opt for a planetary dispenser component to your mixer.

When you need to incorporate a lot of solids into a liquid vehicle substance, you need to bring together a lot of mixing power. This might necessitate not only planetary stirrers, but also more than one disperser shaft for your setup to be able to handle your application. 

The process for discharge and cleaning up

Practical issues like discharge and cleanup need to be considered when devising your planetary mixing equipment setup. You don't want to be relying only on gravity to handle the discharge, because this could lead to a situation where you have to manually scrape away a lot of material.

Instead, you should invest in a planetary mixer with an automatic discharge setup.