Understanding Aluminum Compressor Seals For Agricultural Processing Plants

As the person responsible for purchasing the dry gas seals to connect your agricultural processing plant's new compressors into your production line, it is important that you understand why aluminum seals are the preferred option over those made out of brass, copper, iron, or steel.

Here is some information about aluminum metal and why it makes the best high-pressure hydraulic seals for use with agricultural processing plant compressors:  

How Aluminum Metal is Made

As is the case with many other metals, aluminum metal is mined from the earth. Aluminum comes out of the ground in an ore from that is crushed and heated to separate the aluminum from its contaminants. Once the metal is separated, then it is refined into its pure state. Once aluminum is pure enough for use, then it is pressed into sheets or injected into molds to create specific parts, such as dry gas seals for compressors.

How Aluminum Metal Seals are Made

The dry gas seals that your agricultural processing plant uses to connect hydraulic compressors are created in custom molds. Once the seals have been formed and cooled in their molds, then they are machined by hand to remove any imperfections. This is vital because it ensures that the seals meet the tight tolerances required to prevent leakage and contamination.

The Advantages of Aluminum Metal Seals

Aluminum is used to make metal seals because it has many advantages over other industrial metals, such as the following:

  • Aluminum metal is not magnetic, so it will not cause any issues with electronic parts in your processing plant.
  • Aluminum metal does not have the same reactivity with other metals and liquids that lead to corrosion and rust, so it is longer lasting that seals made of other metals.
  • Aluminum metal is light weight, so it is easier for your mechanics to work with. As an added bonus, shipping will be lower in cost for seals made of aluminum because they are much lighter than other metals.
  • Aluminum metal actually gets stronger when it is cold, so this makes it very durable for applications in cold environments. While other metals will lose their strength and will fail in cold freezers, aluminum parts will become stronger.


As you can clearly see, aluminum metal seals are the best option for your agricultural processing plant's compressors. If you have additional questions about seals of any type, you should contact a local metal machine shop (such as Phoenix Specialty) for more information.