Hose Fittings: The Value Of Buying From Domestic, Reputable Suppliers

You might think that any old machined hose fitting will do the job, but when it comes to industrial settings, it is extremely important that you get your fittings from a professional supply store, such as Hose Pros- 24 Hour Mobile Hydraulic Hose, not some third-party manufacturer overseas where quality control is limited, if imposed at all. The following is a brief explanation of the importance of buying industrial hose fittings from established, reputable manufacturers in the United States.  

Number of Serrations

Manufacturers outside the United States may not understand or feel the need to design fittings with the maximum number of serrations. Either because they fail to understand the purpose or because it's cheaper not to do so, these manufacturers often produce fittings with only the minimal number of serrations. However, its important that industrial fittings have the maximum allowable number of serrations to not only ensure optimal holding power under such extreme pressures, but for quicker insertion and thus improved worker efficiency. 

Precise Manufacturing For Specialty Components 

Another reasons it's important to buy from established vendors is because of the need for precision regarding industrial hose fittings. For some fittings, the ideal design requires graduated serrations to improve the security of the connection and to prevent the fitting from cutting through the hose tube. 

Other times, fittings must be manufactured for joints that are more easily tightened by hand than with tools. In any event, purchasing from reputable manufacturers who have experience in the industry and are familiar with the requirements of the components will ensure safer and more productive job sites.

Integrated Interchangeability 

Another benefit of getting hose fittings from domestic, reputable suppliers is when you need new-world fittings to work with old-world machinery or components. For instance, there are times when you need a coupling that can not only handle the high pressures of steam or air, or one that has smooth, machined ends to reduce the degree of abrasion from constant connection and disconnection, but also one that is designed to integrate with older manufacturing systems. 

Often times, fittings purchased from smaller outfits with less oversight will struggle to integrate with older connections or components. This could be a factor of serration spacing or density, or the depth or finish of the serrations. Whether they're too sharp or too closely grouped, or the degree of descent around the fitting is off by a just a fraction of a degree, fittings that should integrate with various systems may be unable to form a solid connection. 

These represent just a few of the reasons it is beneficial to purchase from domestic, established suppliers. Whether it's worker safety, job site efficiency, or simply the need for versatile, interchangeable fittings, working with reputable suppliers is always the best course of action.