Three Reasons Why An Apartment Building Should Rent An Extra Dumpster

Most apartment building managers only rent the number of dumpsters needed to handle everyday waste from the building's residents. In many cases, these dumpsters don't provide sufficient room for garbage, which leads to people leaving furniture, bags of trash, and other items on the ground. This often leads to fines by the city that the apartment building is then responsible to pay. Here are three reasons why you should consider adding an extra dumpster for your apartment building.

Tenants Moving Out

When people move out of an apartment, they rarely take everything with them. All too often, broken furniture is left next to dumpsters when someone moves out of an apartment. You can arrange with your dumpster rental service to make an extra dumpster available when you have tenants moving out, or you may want to consider keeping the dumpster year-round if your building has a high rate of turnover.

Landscaping and Yard Waste

Landscaping teams need somewhere to put yard waste, whether it is from raking leaves trimming branches or cutting grass. Keeping an extra dumpster on site may help you reduce your landscaping costs, as the crew will not have to transport the waste off of your building's grounds. The extra dumpster is also critical to have on hand when cleaning out gutters, as the leaves and debris will need somewhere to go.

Building Repairs

Whether you are installing a new roof, remodeling a unit in the building or are removing old fixtures, a dumpster gives you plenty of space for all the old building materials while still leaving your tenants with plenty of room to take out their garbage. Ask the representative at your dumpster rental service about the different size units that are available. A good rental company will be able to tell you the size you will need to handle the garbage leftover from any improvement projects you undertake.

Of course, you may also want to consider ways to reduce waste in your building. Starting a recycling program can help eliminate some of the waste that goes into your dumpsters every week. Talk to your rental service about recycling bins and other options to see which combination of dumpsters and waste bins will work best for your business. A creative approach to waste removal helps to prevent city fines, keep your building's grounds looking great, and keep your tenants happy with the place they call home. Talk to experts like TCM Sweeping and Disposal for more information.